Go-To-Market Co-creation Examples for Data Center

Facility Operations

  1. Equipment Monitoring

    • Automated monitoring of equipment such as chiller to ensure equipment performance is healthy and energy efficient.
  2. System Redundancy and Automated Failover

    • Scheduled rotation of equipment in operation (e.g. CRAC) helps to extend lifespan of equipment.
    • System redundancy enables customised automated failover so that whenever equipment malfunction, continuous data center operations is ensured.
  3. Water Leak Detection

    • Automated water leak detection helps to promptly discover water leakage so that immediate rectification actions can be taken to safeguard precious assets.
  4. Hot / Cold Aisle Containment Monitoring

    • Automated hot/cold aisle containment monitoring enables any leakage to be promptly discovered.
    • Proper hot/cold aisle containment provides building owner cooling system energy savings.
  5. Environment Monitoring

    • Using automation to control air-conditioning and air flow settings ensures temperature and humidity in data halls are maintained at suitable ranges while keeping energy consumption to a minimal.

Fire and Security Operations

  1. Fire Suppression System

    • Integrated fire suppression across fire alarm pull station, VESDA detectors and FM200 ensures fire in data halls are suppressed immediately, protecting important assets.
    • Coupled with CCTV surveillance, operators can monitor situation in safety.
  2. Hall Access Control

    • Hall access control enables operators to ensure only authorized users are allowed in the data hall.
    • Access grouping helps to refine access control even further, ensuring visitors are only allowed in specific hall where their own data are stored in.
  3. Server Rack Access

    • Rack access control ensures that visitors can only have access to their own servers, safeguarding from data theft.
  4. CCTV Surveillance

    • CCTVs combined with video analytics can help detect unauthorised access, enabling building management to ensure security in the data center.
  5. Visitor Tracking

    • Visitors movements are automatically tracked to detect unnecessary loitering in data hall, preventing data theft.