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Basic Standard Premium
Number of assets supported Supports up to 150 assets¹ Supports up to 500 assets¹,² Supports up to 2000 assets¹,³
Number of sites supported 1 site Up to 3 sites Up to 10 sites
Solution type Cloud Solution⁴ Cloud Solution⁴ Cloud Solution⁴
Integration and configuration work Do it yourself
Documentations, online training videos and API provided
Do it with you
4 hours consultation (on-site) available to aid users in integrating and configurating systems.
Do it for you (Choose between Option A or B)

  • Option A: One time integration and configuration work for up to 2 systems.
  • Option B: One time integration and configuration work for 1 system and building of 1 premise 3D model
Connectors / Adapters:

  • For CCTV / Video Management System
    • Milestone VMS adapter⁵
    • OnVif Profile S / RTSP adapter⁶
    • HikCentral 2.4.1 adapter
  • For Building Management System
    • BacNet adapter⁸
    • Modbus adapter⁹
  • For Guard Tour Patrol System
    • QR-Patrol adapter
Senfi Real-time 3D Digital Twin Platform

  • 3D model visualization
    • Users can view and interact with 3D model of site
    • Retrieve building information from BIM model
    • View interior of models via zones
    • Tour via bookmarks/tour mode
  • Asset information visualization
    • View live data from assets
    • View video streams from CCTV
    • View external contents such as manuals, pdf etc.
    • View static information such as manufacturer, date of installation etc.
  • Unified alarm panel
    • View alarms from all integrated systems in one panel
    • View metrics that caused the alarm to be triggered
  • Unified event panel
Senfi Content Management System (CMS)

  • Site 3D model management
    • 3D/BIM model import feature¹⁰
    • Hand-drawn 2D/3D model feature
    • Zones definition
  • Data management
    • Measurement, Metrics configuration
    • Asset configuration
    • Bulk data import and export via Brick / CSV
  • Integration management
    • Integration key management 
    • Open API with MQTT protocol support
    • Developer logs
    • Connector management
  • Automation
    • Rule based expressions editor with low-code/no-code functionality
    • Events management
    • Alarms management
  • Administrative management
    • User management
    • Role management
    • Access group management
    • Logs/Reports export
    • Organization management
Senfi Charts
Senfi SOP Manager and Configurator
Senfi Way-finder and Configurator
Sustainability Reporting
Free Sample Site:

  • 1 sample site with 3D model (M Business Center)
  • 5 sample assets with related measurements & metrics
  • 2 sample workflow expressions
Storage of data for up to 12 months
Certified Operator Training (2hrs)
Certified CMS and Adapter Training (6hrs)
Certified API Training (16hrs)
Help desk support (Singapore office hours, Mon-Fri, 9-6pm, ex. PH)


  1. An asset can be a sensor consisting of multiple data points.
  2. Top up of assets available in lots of 500 assets for $60,000.00/lot per year.
  3. Top up of assets available in lots of 500 assets for $50,000.00/lot per year.
  4. All package solutions are cloud-based solution. For on-premise solution, please contact sales for more details.
  5. Only supports Milestone XProtect 2018 and later.
  6. Video from CCTV has to be of H.264 video compression.
  7. Supports live video (H.264 only), recorded video, alarms, PTZ. HikCentral Professional OpenAPI must be enabled on the HikCentral Professional platform.
  8. Only the following BacNet object types are supported: analog input/value/output, binary input/value/output, multi-state input/value/output
  9. Supports Modbus via Modbus TCP only. Supports reading of first 1000 addresses of coils, discrete inputs, input registers and holding register of Modbus slave. For input registers and holding registers, support 16-bit unsigned integers, 32-bit signed integers, 32-bit unsigned integers, 32-bit floating point data types.
  10. Revit /.Max /.dae file supported for 3D model import function