To make use of robotics in building to reduce manpower (be it for delivery of parcels/documents, cleaning of floor, security checks etc.)


Autonomous Robotic Service – If there is a parcel or component to be delivered from one part of a building (e.g. manufacturing park) to another, the Senfi workflow can be configured to dispatch delivery robots to collect the parcel or component and then deliver the payload to the destination location autonomously. Same kind of workflow can be applicable to cleaning robots and security robots.
Autonomous Gantry Access – As the robot moves around the building, the Senfi workflow can be configured to allow the robot automated access upon reaching the gantry that controls access to other parts of the building.
Autonomous Lift Call – If the destination location is on a different floor from the robot location, Senfi workflow can be configured to automatically make a lift call (control via lift system) to bring the robot to the desired floor.

Workflow Example

Fully automated process reduces manpower required for mundane tasks, improving work efficiency.

Interoperating systems
Delivery request app, Delivery robot, Lift system, Access gate