To have a seamless personalized experience for VIP access. VIP to be automatically recognized upon arrival, and smoothly access the building, with automatic lift call to bring VIP to desired location. Lighting and air conditioning to be activated from entrance till destination (office or meeting room etc).


Autonomous VIP Access – Upon a visitor entering the building, the facial recognition at the access gate system can detect if the visitor is a VIP.
Autonomous Lift Call – Once a VIP is detected, he/she is allowed through the access gate, and the Senfi workflow can be configured to automatically make a lift call (control via lift system) to bring the VIP to the desired floor.
Autonomous Ambience – At the same time, Senfi workflow can be configured to personalize lighting and temperature settings from the lift floor to his office (control via BMS system or lighting system)

Workflow Example

Seamless personalized VIP access that is automatically activated whenever a VIP is detected. Helps to conserve energy during resting phases, and ensures ease and comfort of VIP as required.

Interoperating systems
Access gate, Lift, Lighting, HVAC