To quickly and effectively evacuate people in the building during times of emergency.


Intelligent fire detection – Fire in the building is automatically picked up by smoke detectors or manually reported via fire pull stations. Coupled with CCTV verification, building security managers can quickly determine if fire alarm is real.
Intelligent digital signage – When a real fire is detected by the fire alarm system, Senfi can control the digital signages in the building to automatically change display information to instructions for evacuation.
Automatic lift recall – At the same time, Senfi workflows can instruct the lifts to automatically be recalled to a safe level for passengers to exit.

Workflow Example

Digital signages usage can be maximised – Display ads, directory etc during normal times, and switches to display evacuation instructions (e.g. announcements, directions etc) during emergency. Help building visitors to evacuate more efficiently with clear instructions to exits. Automatic lift recall helps to ensure no passenger gets trapped in the lift during a fire.

Interoperating systems
Fire alarm system, CCTV system, Digital signage, Lift system